Our primary focus is to educate and empower participating audiences from all industry sectors and diverse demographic backgrounds. Offered risk management tools and harm reduction strategies through highly interactive learning workshops exploring different case scenarios helps participants gain valuable insights to increase their knowledge base on how to prevent, respond, mitigate against and recover from various adverse life events including developing better coping skills to manage their personal safety and security in the future. 

"Our clients hold the key to their success, we just steer them to the right door needing to be unlocked"

"We regard obstacles as merely misplaced stepping stones one can use to build a path to their success."  ​ RemedyBlox 

RemedyBlox is a boutique full service provider of quantum risk-based strategies and harm prevention solutions that underpin each of our customized professional training programs and host of strategic business service platforms available to both the corporate business sector and members of the general public.


We are proud to have officially re-launched our niche risk-based training programs and situational risk management service solutions by separating our two service streams to simplify access to target market audiences.


Since 2014 we took the time to develop and fine tune our programs and services to help individuals and businesses alike overcome current gaps in their risk perception and response capacity in the event of a crisis or an emergency. By infusing our critical risk-based components into each of our service platforms we are able to help corporate clients across North America identify various risks exposures more readily to proactively mitigate against associated threats of liability, loss, injury and harm within their workforce and operations.


We also expanded our risk mitigation services to help members of the general public become better equipped to safeguard their personal safety and security in various situational circumstances and interactions with others through a proactive approach.

Our two central client streams and services offered include:











1.) Business Corporate Center

  • Corporate Staff Training

  • Consulting Services

  • Full Range of Professional Business Services

  • ​Business Optimization Value Generation

  • Outsourcing Services

  • Corporate Event Management 

  • Conference and Program Development​

2.) Mem​bers of the General Public

  • Public Safety Educational Awareness Programs

  • Addiction / Recovery Programs

  • Child Safety School Programs

  • Social-Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • Relationship Management

  • Situational Risk Awareness

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Retreat Empowerment Programs​

  • ​Special Event Planning & Development

​Our risk-based quantum knowledge expertise is delivered by our seasoned facilitators and subject matter experts through our customized program platforms tailored to meet our target audience needs. Our clients learn how to prevent, prepare, identify and respond to "specific and general" risks. What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to provide clients with a deeper understanding to the underlying causes of risks such as motivations, influences, situational factors and agents of change. For example, through our customized risk-based educational programs our clients receive insights and tools that afford them with anticipatory risk recognition and proactive consequential risk response analytics.


We also help companies and individuals develop their core risk-based competencies to successfully mitigate against specific risks, liabilities and losses with new found confidence and strategic cost effective remedies. ​​Based in Ontario, Canada, we operate locally and are equipped and available to deliver our full range of customized training platforms, professional programs and services  to clients located in Ontario, across Canada and in the United States.

What we offer

  • Abusive Personalities

  • Addiction Recovery / Rehabilitation

  • Anger Management

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Anti-Discrimination / Disability Rights

  • Child Safety Programs

  • Dating Safety

  • Domestic Violence

  • Elder Abuse Prevention

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Employment Rights / Workplace Safety

  • Harm Prevention & Risk Mitigation

  • Healthy Relationships

  • ​High Risk Lifestyle Choices

  • Hime / Property Security / CPTED

  • Individual Laws & Rights

  • Life Wellness Coaching

  • Marriage / Divorce Coaching

  • Patient Rights

  • Personal Safety / Self-Defense

  • Situational Safety Awareness

  • Stalker Survival

  • Toxic Environments

  • Travel Safety

  • Workplace Accommodation Rights

Our Approach to Your Success!

As the first part of our firm's name "Remedy" suggests, we provide our corporate clients with winning risk-based solutions (remedies) that help build up core workforce competencies, empower and engage employees, leverage operational disruptions and mitigate risk exposures to control against associated losses and manage liabilities. 


Through our winning training platform designs we help our business clientele improve how to identify, evaluate, mitigate, respond and recover from specific risk exposures by viewing risk through a different lens, one that goes beyond the typical defensive or reactionary "value preservation response" mode to a "change" model strategy. This approach helps businesses recognize and identify change indicators and how to prepare and leverage against certain associated risks through consequential risk response analytics. The ultimate goal through our employee training platforms and risk-based consultations is to create high-value links between the company’s people, strategy, and management to reach a sustainable transformation performance, and ultimately drive businesses forward to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace through and by their people. This approach helps complex issues to be addressed effectively in a timely and systematic manner. We also build resiliency across the organization where workforce culture and mindset are recognized as intrinsic components that demand continued cultivation and tuning.


In regards to our educational programs designed exclusively for the General Public, we empower adults and children with practical insights and tools on how to identify, recognize and mitigate against various risk exposures. We also help people to build and restore healthy social interactions with others whenever possible while offering pro-active "remedies" to help individuals learn how to protect themselves against those whose actions or intentions are questionable and can threaten their physical, psychological, emotional and/or financial well being if proper intervention measures are not taken. It is worth noting, our public safety and security educational programs are not fear driven nor do we intend to foster a sense of paranoia or unhealthy perceptions about our society or to incorrectly generalize that all people are bad or criminally inclined.  Rather, our public risk mitigation programs are designed to encourage and empower participants to go out and enjoy life, cultivate healthy relationships with others whenever possible. At the same time becoming knowledgeable of certain "red flag" to watch for so as to proactively safeguard their personal safety or security from becoming unduly compromised. Simply said, our aim is to empower participants to live their lives to the fullest, enjoying and exploring their surroundings and the world in general but to do so with a heightened level of consciousness before the associated and imminent aftereffects take a toll or become insurmountable to recover from.  


RemedyBlox also recognizes that not all adverse life events are within a person's ability to control against and that bad things can still happen to good people in some circumstances. However, how well one responds, recovers and sustains their personal safety and security during a crisis and its aftermath is the key to leading a productive quality rich life. Hence why we started the weekend empowerment retreats to help different target audience groups heal, rebuild, and gain new perspectives and understanding on how to move forward from an adverse life event they endured or may still be struggling with on a subconscious level where their psyche's fracture is not fully recovered. Our Psycho-Social Recovery Programs led by subject matter experts in the study of Human Behaviorism, Criminology, Addiction Recovery and Victimology help alleviate the vulnerability many survivors tend to feel in life following surviving some form of a past traumatic life event. 

Our programs guide participants to recognize their own strengths, acknowledge their personal self worth, prioritize their life goals, and develop better life coping skills. We also help individuals recognize any tendencies for self-sabotaging high risk behaviors (e.g., compulsive gambling, eating disorders, sex addiction, compulsive shopping, shop-lifting, etc..) by helping them to recognize the root cause driving a compulsion on an addiction and how to successfully heal and prevent the cycle of addiction. Our recovery approach is successful because  our psycho-social recovery approach presents a paradigm shift to empower participants by becoming their best advocates for positive change. This includes presenting tools that enable one to release their earlier traumatic life events and to heal any fractures sustained in the past by their psyche so that they can reclaiming their lives with renewed optimism, courage and strength. 

We also offer other risk-based training programs that are customized to different audience groups from children, to the elderly, people with disabilities, minorities, and diverse population groups who statistically tend to be at a higher risk rate of being targeted by those having access and close proximity to cause them some form of intentional harm. Hence, our customized and highly interactive risk-based educational platforms help those most vulnerable to gain new insightful situational and social awareness to promote their increased personal safety and security in various situations and in different social interactions. Groups learn to recognize the early onset of specific "Red Flags" that individuals whose motives may not be in their best interests behavior exhibit. They also learn how to take proactive safety measures to safeguard themselves from various harms including but not limited to protecting themselves against incidence of physical and psychological abuse, sexual assault, emotional torment and financial exploitation. 


In addition to group presentations and individual consultations we host various self-empowerment weekend retreats for individuals who partake in high-risk behaviors, compulsions / addictions, or unconventional life-style choices that are exposing them to undue risks, losses and harms. Similarly, these programs are extended to those who have engaged in similar unconventional high risk activities in the past but have since "crashed and burned" where they are now in search of new perspectives, additional support services to help them move forward to rebuild their lives for the better. As such, we deliver these confidential non-judgmental support services and educational risk reduction / harm prevention platforms where the goal is to provide all participants with an uncensored open dialogue to help them gain better understanding of the impact that their risk-based behaviors and how to find a healthy balance before their life spins totally out of control with dire long term consequences. 


Each of the above professional services can be found listed and explained on each of our website for both the Business Sector and General Public pages. 

The second part of our company's name "Blox" refers to the arsenal of customized risk-based strategies and harm prevention tools designed to help our clients successfully manage and defend against specific risk exposures and associated harms and losses. We consider our "blox" as building blocks that not only help create a sturdy foundation for our clients to deal and respond to immediate risks and threats but upon which they can continue to build upon in the future to further promote and safeguard their safety and security. 

Examples of Program Areas Underpinned with Our Risk-Based "BLOX":



To discuss your safety & security needs

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