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RemedyBlox' is a leading provider of risk-based educational platforms and various professional business services.


Our expertise lies in:

  • Human Behavioral Science

  • Psycho-Social Recovery

  • Criminology

  • Victimology

  • Accessibility Standards

  • Employment Law

  • Emergency Management

  • Operational Loss Prevention

Each of these knowledge platforms underpins our programs to help businesses and individuals alike take a proactive approach against specific risk exposures and better control against associated liabilities, harms and losses.

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Corporate Development

  • ​Operational Risk Management

  • Organizational ​Sustainability

  • ​Strategic Risk Aversion Planning

  • ​Branding & Promotional Design

  • ​Media Training

  • Business & Life Coaching

Corporate Employee Training Programs

At RemedyBlox we hold the necessary "Qualitative Knowledge"  in employee training and risk mitigation to develop robust and well rounded training programs that help strengthen core competencies across the workforce.

We also know how to help organizations and businesses in various industry sectors foster a productive, engaged and rejuvenated workforce. Our team's direct experience working in the Corporate and Public Sector over the years provides us with keen insights and proven skill sets to understand various business operations and functions to deliver customized highly interactive and engaging workshops to meet your business needs and organizational objectives.


Our workshops are carefully designed to push participants out of their comfort zones as thinking "outside of the box" provides a new perspective on tackling existing problems as well as mitigating against future internal and external risks. Our lesson plans and tool sets enable participants to use them immediately to enhance their confidence, boost their morale, increase their work performance and vested interest to proactively protect their company from events and situations that pose direct and indirect harms. 

We at RemedyBlox offer a host of advisory consulting services ranging from risk-mitigation strategies, best practices in accommodation planning and design, plus bio-diversity infusion and promotion of green business solutions.

Risk-Based Consulting Services:

We help our business clients enhance their risk mitigation and response capacity in each of its operational deliverables. Our critical risk-based analytics underpin our strategic approach to help our clients identify and implement various risk-based measures against specific exposures to harms, liabilities and losses as well as to approach risk management from a pro-active stance against certain risk exposures.

Accommodation Consulting Services:

RemedyBlox is equally skilled to provide our clients with added insights and strategic guidance to successfully develop best practices in how they approach and incorporate accommodation design planning into their daily operations for both their customer base as well as their employees. 

Our team of subject matter experts in accommodation design planning and implementation helps our clients achieve regulatory compliance under applicable Accommodation Standards and Human Rights Code. What sets us apart from our competitors is that our accommodation consulting services lead our clients to proactively provide reasonable accommodations and equitable access for their customer base and also for their staff with disabilities, medical restrictions and special needs not just because accommodation adherence by businesses is the law; rather because our clients know and believe that it is the right thing to do.

Bio-Social Diversity Consulting Services:

At RemedyBlox we are proud of our commitments to the advocacy and promotion of global Biodiversity and Social Diversity. We support the protection of our wildlife and planet, the humane treatment of all animals, conservation efforts to safeguard our environment, as well as the promotion of accessibility for people with disabilities and equitable inclusion of all regardless of their ability, race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

As such, not only do we actively incorporate "greener" initiatives into our own business operations and events we host. But we also share our bio-diversity expertise to advise businesses on how they too can leave a "greener" imprint on their business operations, services and products they provide to clients and members of the general public. Our SME experts in bio-diversity planning and design implementation yield many immediate and long term benefits. Further, our clients who adopt a "greener" method and practice to be socially and environmentally conscious also benefit from becoming recognized and rewarded in the future for their efforts of taking proactive steps to protecting our planet. Whatever the direction taken or chose, our biodiversity focused team is ready to step in to provide the strategic direction and support services to our clients to achieve their goals.

Corporate Event Management

​At RemedyBlox, our professional event management team and their stellar conference development expertise of nearly two decades is just the start of the value we bring to our clients' business events. Not only will we consistently deliver on our clients' identified event outcomes, afford our clients with long-term sustainable rewards, and maximize our clients' return on their investment, but we also hold proven relevant expertise to create accessible and inclusive events. Simultaneously, we can help our clients achieve compliance. under applicable provincial/state Accessibility for People with Disabilities Acts, Accessibility Standards, the Human Rights Code and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 


The risk-based accommodation measures we incorporate into each event helps shield our clients against associated costs, liabilities, and losses that other companies might face when their events do not provide similar reasonable accommodations as we do and are mandated by applicable regulatory frameworks across Canada and the United States. Such failures for those firms often result in lasting costly impacts when fined and publicly identified for neglecting to achieve accommodation compliance for their customers with disabilities or special needs at their events. Responsible accommodation management also demands that all identified needs are handled with tact, discretion and afforded protection under applicable regulatory privacy and information frameworks. We at RemedyBlox are equally committed and skilled to safeguard the confidential and private information of our clients' members that are disclosed to us in aid of fulfilling event accommodation needs for an upcoming event.  


Hence, our information management acumen further supports our ability to strategically deliver risk-based event management services that help shield our clients against undue event risk exposures and can control against associated liabilities, costs and losses. Lastly, our robust risk-based even services reflect well on our clients where their public image remains in tact as being accessibility focused and embodying diversity and inclusion of all.  After all, a positive inclusive corporate image can yield long-term winning advantages in the public forum and in a competitive marketplace that is progressive and socially responsible. 

Professional Business Services

At RemedyBlox we assist and deliver the following specialized professional business services to many business owners and companies to help them achieve their organization's business goals and objectives. Our industry experience. professional "know-how" and access to resources consistently delivers the highest service and product satisfaction to reach the target mark.


Examples of Some of Our Services Offered:

  • Professional, friendly and highly organized registration desk staffing for all types of events

  • Exhibitor trade show booth staffing services including promotion and sales of client's product and services at the event

  • Business content writing and graphic design services

  • Comprehensive accommodation design and implementation in all stages of a corporate event function to meet the needs and restrictions of people with disabilities, individuals with food allergies, and those from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds

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